Maureen Reichart

Line Chef

Chef Maureen started her culinary career later in life.  After working as a Dental Hygienist for 15 yrs, Chef Maureen went to culinary school at Le Cordon Blue in St. Louis.  Growing up in Chicago with Irish immigrated parents in a Polish neighborhood Chef Maureen was exposed to different cultural cuisines.  She learned to cook many different ethnic dishes.  After moving to St. Charles and graduation she worked in several venues from Farm to Table up to classic Italian. Chef  Maureen decided to open her own catering company and due to constant misspellings of her name, now goes by the nickname Mo.  Chef Lee met Mo while working at a different restaurant and they worked together for a year.  So when we opened Blue Anchor we knew we wanted her on our team.  Mo is an essential part of our catering team as well as restaurant kitchen.  To quote Mo, "This city girl fell in love with Chef Lee's vision of bringing high end food to rural American towns."  Thanks Mo.  So glad to have you with us!!